Look Ma! I Can Play!

Zydeco and I are so fortunate to have Jaime Rosier of Goldilocks and the Hound Hikers (http://www.houndhikers.org/) on the socialization team. Today Zydeco had a blast meeting Skylar, a little firecracker of a girl that taught him some really nice lessons today about how dogs play…. Ohhh, it was lovely to see Zydeco finally getting the invite from a more playful dog for a change since none of the other dogs in his life are interested in this sort of thing, and honestly, other than some attempts at mounting (which Skylar said a very clear and appropriate no to), he really was pretty darn polite I have to say. He has some good skills. I particularly like the tumble, roll, I am so cute when I’m upside down aren’t I? technique! 🙂

Lesson #1: You don’t just jump into bed with a girl. You have to charm her for awhile, roll around a little, and look really really cute first. Then, if you are really lucky, she might play with you.

Lesson #2: The grownup dog initiates the play, and stops the play when she is done. This is non negotiable.

Lesson #3: Some girls play rough–but as long as we remember the “time out” rule, it’s all in good fun.

Lesson #4 When done playing, it is polite to offer a lady a drink from your pool and go sniff around the yard a bit.

Lesson #5: NO MOUNTING ever! Not acceptable, not allowed, no way, no how. (Skylar VO: “You are much to young for me anyway, young man! Mind your manners please! “:)

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