Quick Personal Update: Prepping For Expo 2014!

Hey there bloggers,

I am over the moon excited to have been invited to speak at Clicker Expo 2014 in Long Beach, CA at the Queen Mary! I mean, just read through these session descriptions! http://www.clickertraining.com/clickerexpo/session-details. Good golly Miss Molly! I can’t even believe my name is tucked in there with all these idols of mine, not to mention lots of other brilliant colleagues that I totally respect and admire too. Expo truly is a life changing event whether you are a pet owner or professional animal trainer. If you can make it, come to California in January. It is so totally worth it!


The good news is prep for both my Wallflower Dogs Session and Emotional Fluency Lab is well on its way, with lots of great ideas and creative juices flowing. The bad news is, in order to meet the deadlines, I’m not allowing myself to do much extensive blogging, Yahoo, or YouTube video work until after Dec 1. Sadly, that means the backlog of Zydy wisdom, and all the interesting thoughts I’ve been having about miscommunication, characterizations, and polarizing politics in dog training lately, is going to have to remain backlogged a little while longer. I am still seeing Zydy twice a week for lessons at his house, though, and he’s doing great!

Don’t forget about me! I’ll be back posting again soon. Always more to say it seems. Thanks for listening so far!


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