Two Brave Learners

I’m trying not to get too bogged down in long blog posts here, but keep finding these wonderful things to share. So, here ya go. An inspirational video for today: TWO brave learners learning to trust each other and trust the process without coercion. This is a cross-over trainer learning to let go of control. This is a cross-over dog learning to be brave and offer behaviors after 5 years of compulsion training where she was very likely corrected for thinking for herself. Look at the space and time the trainer gives her dog to figure things out here, but most of all, look at the uncontrollable joy that erupts at the end. Powerful stuff! I have absolute respect for this person and this dog. Amazing.

Want to learn to do this too? I teach the exact same concepts via a basic manners course with, or you can go for the more advanced stuff as seen here by signing up for Denise Fenzi’s online academy.


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